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Welcome from Jordyn Lei! In a world where “information overload” is real, I will work to bring you a variety of entertaining, however accurate and easy to understand, material and information. My focus is with alternative health and guiding you toward a nutritional lifestyle that best fits your body type (chemistry). I feel it is your right to gather, well-researched, factual information to make choices for you and your family. In more situations than not, we are our own best advocates!

Alternative healing can come from a variety of options; herbal remedies from plants, trees, or foods, mindfulness activities like walking barefoot, stretching, or meditation, cooking with low carb superfoods, such as bone broths, avocados, spinach and more… the list can become long and is virtually endless. Eventually, to fulfill my mission, I hope you will find it all here, in one place!

And, while the focus is on alternative health and healing, from time to time I will also offer complimentary designs you can print and use anywhere from organization to decoration!

Finally, I want will offer nutritional coaching. I want to hear from you! What do you need assistance with? I may not be able to advise with every request but will do my very best to answer or direct you toward an answer!

There will also be a team of writers coming from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, and professions! Watch for exciting articles written by our guest authors in the future.

Cheers to your good health!
Jordyn Lei
aka Grassfed Keto
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