Lengthy Task

This payment is for a lengthy task taking up to 60 minutes. Payment is $30 for up to 60 minutes per quantity. If you feel your task may take longer than 60 minutes you can select multiple quantities.

If your task takes longer than 60 minutes to complete, I am not responsible for unforeseen issues (website glitches, download issues, etc.), the task will halt and you will be contacted to pay for an additional 60 minutes. I do my best to ensure the time provided during the initial consultation is accurate but technology can be a fickle-pickle so please understand there may be situations that are beyond my control.

However, if your task will take 5 or more hours, it would cost less to select the "crawler" retainer package and pay $125 for up to 5 hours.

Using the "pay now" button means you understand the terms and conditions of the service you are requesting. All terms and conditions are discussed either verbally during the initial consultation or in-writing within the retainer package contract.

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