Marketing Customization Special

Due to compliance issues, this special is only for U.S. Residents who are members of Young Living.

Please understand you are in no way paying for the design! This payment is to cover my time to customize the design with your information. The design is free of charge. No one profits from the design.

This special entitles you to select up to 3 marketing pieces, except banners in which you may select one, from website. You may select from the following types of marketing pieces:

  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • OR, One Banner

I will place your information on the marketing piece, up to the number of characters and/or lines, that will legibly fit on that particular marketing piece.

YES, you can order more than 1 of these specials. Simply make a second, third, or fourth payment for multiples.

Please ensure you provide all the information you would like on your marketing design. You will have ONE edit opportunity. Check and double check the information you provide is spelled correctly and does not contain any errors (such as an incorrectly typed phone number).

AFTER payment, within 24 business hours, I will send you a link to a GOOGLE FORM where you can type in the information you would like on your marketing piece. You will also need to include the EXACT LINK to the marketing piece (not just the name or title but the exact link, this is to ensure I know exactly what you want to be customized with no doubts). So, please ensure I have your correct email address. The Google form link will come from and you may want to build this into your contacts to help prevent the email from routing to your spam/junk folder.

There are absolutely NO REFUNDS, of any type or for any reason, for this service special. By paying the $6 you agree to these terms. This offer is not related to Jordyn Lei, Virtual Assistant ( It is separate from this business.


FAQ: what if the design piece I want is not updated with the 2019 PSK changes? That should not be an issue, provide the exact link to the one you want and I should be able to update and add your information. If I am not able to do so, I will make this the only exception for a refund. At this time, I cannot think of any of the pieces that could not be updated, with the exception of one of the banners. Reach out first if you are wanting a banner that has not been updated and I will let you know if that is the one that I cannot update, at this time.