Become a Health Warrior


Becoming a “Health Warrior” is one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet! Not only will you help enrich the health of other people but you can also enrich your financial health.

How will Purium help you become a health warrior?

Purium Health Products offers only live, raw superfoods with the majority being organic. Those that are not organic are organically grown (no pesticides, weed killers, or other toxic chemicals). Purium offers a multitude of solutions to common nutritional deficiencies. You can make a huge difference in the lives of others. When the body is fulfilled with greens and other crucial nutritional superfoods, “eat the rainbow,” it just naturally feels better. And when you begin receiving messages from people that they woke up feeling amazing … well, it truly is an unbelievably awesome experience. Addictive, really! Become a Health Warrior today!

Purium is one of America’s fastest growing companies!

For the past 4 years, Purium was recognized as one of America’s 5000 fastest-growing private companies by Inc. Magazine.

Here’s why …

We live in a connected world. Our friends, our family, our entertainment, even

our shopping experiences are literally, a click away.

Every day we spend hours and hours – posting, texting, sharing.

And now, in addition to spending money from your screen …

you can actually make money from your screen.

It’s called the social sharing economy.

And this social sharing economy is absolutely exploding.

Ringing up more than 1 Billion Dollars every single day in the US alone!

And that’s where Purium comes in.

Everyone eats, every day.

And just like people want to upgrade their technology, now you can help them upgrade their health. According to the Organic Trade Association, demand for organic food is growing 80 times faster than demand for non-organic food. Purium has been ahead of this trend for more than two decades.

With Purium, you own an online superfood superstore ( filled with organic, non-GMO nutrition. Then you give away $50 Gift Cards and invite people to shop at this website.

That’s the system. That’s how you share, connect and earn!




Wait, WHO can purchase at that price?

  • Customers who LOVE Purium
  • Brand Partners who want to Upgrade
  • Anyone new who wants to stay healthy and work from home!

Starting February 8, 2018, the first 1,000 Enrollers and Upgraders will buy Launch Packs for $99! *Update 10 Feb 2018 we are now down to around 500 packs remaining! Do not hesitate, get yours now!

Cool! HOW?
There are 3 different ways to enroll and upgrade, depending on who you are!

  • NEW PROSPECTS: Click “Enroll” at the bottom of
  • CUSTOMERS: Click “Upgrade” in account settings


  • Begins February 8, 2018, 4pm PT
  • Available only to the first 1,000 enrollers
  • Promotion is available to everyone, including current Customers who want to Enroll as Brand Partners and Brand Partners who want to Upgrade
  • Newly enrolled Brand Partners will receive an electronic Starter Kit
  • Special ends once 1,000 are enrolled at $99


This is the MOST IMPORTANT part of enrolling … please ensure you are connected with the Green Shakers Tribe partner that shared this link with you. If you found your way here on your own, please use referral code: GREENSHAKERS when enrolling. This way you will become part of our tribe that is loaded with support, training, and so much more! We will provide you with as little or as much support as you desire.

Let’s do this! Click/Touch the button below to enroll.