Is Better Planet Paper Really Better for the Planet?

Better-Planet-Paper-Review-FieldandHerbs-April-2018We were introduced to Better Planet Paper from a colleague and friend. The company is fairly new and opened its virtual doors, in regards to shipping their products, this past late February 2018. Therefore, we did not really know a lot about them other than they touted how good they were for the planet.

Here is what we’ve discovered since that time:

IMG_2474(1) Our order arrived and we had 6 packages of 4 rolls of toilet paper and 12 individual rolls of paper towels, which were neatly wrapped in… yes, you guessed it, PLASTIC WRAP! Lots and lots of plastic wrap! Ugh, sigh!


(2) We questioned if the process used to produce their paper products used harsh chemicals and if they screened the paper used for making their products was free of pesticides, herbicides, and other harsh chemicals. We received an ambiguous response, which pretty much came down to, there are no toxic chemicals by the time they finish the process of turning the recycled paper into their products… which translates into the products are processed with harsh chemicals and probably are contaminated with pesticides and such before processing. Again, ugh, and sigh!

The exact response we received, obviously starting the reply with “yes” was not completely accurate: “Yes they are free of …, we don’t use any harmful chemicals in our Paper making process that would remain on the paper after production in a hazardous concentration. The product is for the intent of Bathroom Tissue and/or Paper Towel use and is not a Food-grade. —  Sincerely, Liz Hodges, Better Planet Member Services, Better Planet Paper, Inc.”

So, while they may “plant a tree or ten” for each customer (not order, customer), their process and packaging do far more damage to the planet than planting a tree or ten.

So, how was the products, we do give them a thumbs up for quality toilet paper. The TP was thick and quilted. It was not as soft as you would find another quilted brand but pretty close. The paper towels were not too bad either. However, since they are not doing as much as they should for the environment, you can save some money and buy the same old, chemically processed stuff from your local department or grocery store.


Now, if you want to make a real difference, we recommend checking out “Who Gives A Crap!” (note: our link will give you $10 off your first order)! They provide bamboo toilet paper and 50% of their profits go towards building commode houses for areas that need it (they do other good things, as well). Their products are individually wrapped in recyclable paper and they heat process without harsh chemicals! Go on and check them out!

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