Following an AIP lifestyle, whether long or short term, involves making commitments/changes that have to do with much more than just the food you eat. Please be sure you have a good understanding of all that is required for this lifestyle. For the purpose of this list we are focusing only on foods and the Purium food and supplement products that are AIP compliant. While it is a limited list there are a few products that you can incorporate into your lifestyle.

AIP Compliant Products:

  • Barley Grass Juice, powder**
  • Fulvic Zeolite
  • Ionic Elements
  • Super Amino 23
  • Super Lytes
  • Tropic Oil (coconut oil)
  • White American Ginseng

**Grasses can be controversial, however, bottom line is that grasses are not grains. Grasses, if harvested properly and contain zero gluten, have not been known to increase inflammation. In fact, studies have shown it to do the opposite because it is rich in chlorophyll and aides in cleansing the blood. Whether you agree or disagree we just ask that you do your own research and make a decision that best fits your lifestyle.