Grain-Free Product List

We hope you enjoy the ease and flexibility this page offers those seeking specific information about any of the Purium products that are grain-free. Many of the products are certified organic, please see the listing on iShopPurium for full ingredient list.

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  • 40x aloe vera concentrate
  • advanced probiotic blend
  • apothe-cherry
  • bee energetic
  • bio fruit
  • c from nature
  • cocoa mint spirulina
  • control pre-meal capsules
  • cracked cell chlorella tablets & powder
  • enzyme advantage
  • fulvic zeolite
  • heart aid
  • immuno-max
  • ionic elements
  • men’s defense
  • mvp kids chocolate
  • renew hair, skin, & nails
  • spirulina capsules & powder
  • super amino 23
  • super cleansR
  • super life formula
  • super lytes
  • super xanthin
  • tropic (coconut) oil
  • vir-u-sure
  • white american ginseng extract

So while grasses are not grains there is a Purium product that is worthy of noting here… that product is Green Spectrum (original and lemon). It is “technically” grain-free because grasses should not contain the protein that makes it a grain. Grasses are harvested right before the seed becomes a grain. The “grain” is the protein that can cause auto-immune, joint, and allergy responses. The challenge is that it is very difficult to harvest the grass before it contains any of the grain. These products are not typically tested for grains and only sometimes tested for gluten. However, Green Spectrum is an amazing product and one worth doing a trial and error with… use it and if no negative responses within a month then you are probably fine to use.


(grasses are not grains)

  • barley grass juice powder
  • green spectrum, original
  • green spectrum, lemon