Living a ketogenic (aka Keto) lifestyle means that you are wanting to reduce inflammation, maintain or lower blood sugar levels, reduce body fat, and, for some, lose weight. This is said to be accomplished by consuming very little carbs, typically 20g or less per day, to place the body into a state of ketosis so that it is burning fat for fuel, instead of carbohydrates/sugar.

The following Purium products are considered compliant for those following a strict Keto lifestyle (meaning they do not contain grains and are at about 10g or less actual carbs… we are not including products that are 10g or less NET carbs but you can find those on our “carb count” page). If a carb count is not stated it is presumed to have less than 1 or zero.

Keto Compliant Products:

  • 40x Aloe Vera
  • Advanced Probiotic
  • Apothe-cherry (7g)
  • Barley Grass Juice, powder (1g)**
  • Bee Energetic
  • Bio Fruit (4g)
  • C from Nature
  • Coco Mint Spirulina (3g)
  • Control Pre-Meal Capsules
  • Cracked Cell Chlorella (tablets or powder)
  • Enzyme Advantage
  • Fulvic Zeolite
  • Heart Aid
  • Immuno-Max
  • Ionic Elements
  • Men’s Defense
  • MVP Kids Protein chocolate (4g)
  • Renew Hair, Skin, & Nails
  • Spirulina (capsules or powder)
  • Super Amino 23
  • Super CleansR
  • Super Life Formula
  • Super Lytes
  • Tropic Oil (coconut oil)
  • Vir-U-Sure
  • White American Ginseng

**Barley Grass Juice can be controversial, however, bottom line is that grasses are not grains. Grasses, if harvested properly and contain zero gluten, have not been known to increase inflammation. In fact, studies have shown it to do the opposite because it is rich in chlorophyll and aides in cleansing the blood. Whether you agree or disagree we just ask that you do your own research and make a decision that best fits your lifestyle.