The following are products used by Annie Ybarra and she provides this information to let others know what she did during her pregnancy and products she used postpartum. This is not a recommendation. Always use caution and discuss any additions to your nutritional intake with your health care professional.


written by Annie Ybarra

First and Second Trimester

•5-10 Aminos daily -Excellent for increasing the elasticity of skin cells and to maintain muscle tone for rapid post birth it supports new cell synthesis for growing baby! And I love that I’m able to keep a lot of muscle even though I haven’t found the flow of working out during pregnancy

•daily power shake or mvp kids
(If experiencing extreme morning sickness can add more rice bran solubles to shake)-hormone balancing, Great for folate and other key nutrients like beta carotene and omega 3 fatty acids, iron, and protein.. gives energy and also doesn’t fill you up too much.

•bio fruit daily- vitamin C and UTI prevention (UTIs can be common in pregnancy )

•2 bio medic in morning/2 in evening -To ensure a healthy gut micro biome and protect against developmental disorders during pregnancy and after birth (and it reduces constipation). Healthy gut= baby with a healthy gut=healthy happy baby!

•30 chlorella daily-Use to remove heavy metals and toxins and to protect cells from mutations during developement with the CHLORELLA GROWTH FACTOR
( also reduces excess fat deposits in liver)

•C from Nature caps daily- vitamin c

•apothecherry in evening- Anti inflammatory, reduces swollen ankles, anti oxidant, breast tissue protection, a powerful free radical scavenging effect, gives the best deep night sleep even when getting up to pee all night!!

•coco oil to rub on belly and breasts for stretch mark prevention

Third Trimester

•5-10 aminos daily

•2 bio medic in morning/2 in evening

•power shake daily -no luv shake or beet juice

•bio fruit

•2 spirulina caps daily-choline, iron, calcium

•30 chlorella daily

•C from Nature daily

•apothecherry in evening-

•coco oil to rub on belly and breasts for stretch mark prevention

-no aloe, no flax seed, no kava, no ginseng


Note from Annie: We were blessed with a birth that had no complications or interventions (she arrived early, with excellent vitals and no NICU time!) and a very healthy beautiful baby girl❣️momma had no tearing or episiotomy, or…stretch marks! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Our breast feeding has been wonderful thus far, her weight gain healthy, her latch has been strong since the first time she tried minutes after being born, she eats often, and I haven’t had any problems with my milk supply. She is one happy baby! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💚



• 1-2 shakes- I always do a combo of 2 scoop powershake as my base then switch it up adding these different goodies in different combos depending on the day and my mood: bio fruit, green Spectrum lemon flavor, coco hydrate, carrot juice

• Green barley juice shot

• 2 Biomedic

• 2 super Xanathin

• 6 renew hair skin and nails

• 10 aminos (I am a petite woman, 15 aminos a day would be great as an average for most moms)

• 30 chlorella

• apothecherry nightly of course 🍒🌙💫

• Sleep as much as possible!!!!!!

******* This post is not a suggestion or reccomendation, this is simply the protocol that I used during my pregnancy, that I went over with MY midwife and partner, knowing MY body. Although I think all of these were helpful in my pregnancy and for MY birth, and all of these products worked wonders for ME, pregnancy is unique to each woman, and if you are pregnant you should talk with YOUR midwife or doctor before you choose any protocols, and make sure they are right for YOU first before taking them.