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Transformation happens on several levels and this webpage has great foundational information to help you on your way! While Purium has a variety of transformations that run from 4 days to up to 40 days, this page focuses on the first 10 days as they are the most important part of your transformation journey.

Purium has Transformed many lives why not yours?

Weight-loss * Athletic Performance * Metabolism Reset * Energy * Digestive Relief

& so many other benefits await you!

5 days to FEEL IT * 10 days to SEE IT * 30 days to LIVE IT

Step 1 – Ready to Transform

* Get your Transformation out on the counter and go through the materials – Get the products out and review the Lifestyle (Transformation) Guide. Here is a download if you cannot put your fingers on the guide

* Preparation is important and it is recommended that you contact the person you purchased the Transformation through and visit with them about any tips or what to expect over the 10 days.

* On the day before you start the Transformation pick up your cell phone and text the word “transformation” to 55678

* Ask your enroller (person that helped you purchase the Transformation) to invite you to Purium’s Lifestyle Transformation FB Page – so you can be a part of our community and connect with others on the Transformation!

* Take advantage of any possible Transformation Support calls. Ask the person who helped you purchase your Transformation for days/dates/times/numbers/links to as much support as you want and/or need.

Step 2 – Get Ready, Get Set, GO!

* Mark your calendar for a good start date! There are always conflicts so just keep in mind – it’s only 10 Days!


Download the Transformation Guide

* Additional Information about your first 10 days on the Purium Blog

Step 3 – Resources of Interest

Curious to learn more about the products? Click or touch the link below “Check This Out” to learn more about how each product contributes to the success of Purium’s Transformation plans that include a metabolic reset and cleanse.

               Check This Out

Step 4 – Transformation FAQ’s

Everyone has questions – below are a few transformation topics that may help answer some of your questions!


Plan to do the Transformation during a 10 day period when you can get a good night’s rest every night.

2 – 3 days prior to starting your Transformation, omit dairy, processed foods and meat from your diet.

3 – 5 days prior omit coffee to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Get started with a positive mental attitude, “I can and I will.”

Make sure to have some approved Flex Foods/Beverages on hand (see list in your lifestyle guide), you’ll need up to 3 per day.

Text the word “transformation” to 55678 (USA) or 70734 (Canada) the day before starting to receive daily inspirational messages from David Sandoval and members of our Purium Leadership Team.

Enter the schedule into your phone, set alerts to keep you on track.

Take your “Before” photo, weigh and measure yourself (chest, waist & hips).

Join us on Facebook at facebook.com/groups/PuriumLifestyleTransformation/ – share your experience, receive support from people who are also following one of the transformation plans

Question:  Will you be hungry on the 10 Day Transformation?

Answer:  Remember the 10 Day Transformation is designed to break your habits, patterns and rituals around food.  We have become highly addicted to sugar, carbs,  and processed foods.  Many people report not feeling hungry at all.  It can be a common experience to have some hunger the first couple days as your body starts to adjust… please keep in mind that we are reducing the calorie intake however,  we are significantly increasing the nutrient intake which is what we need to thrive.  As your body goes through the adjustment you may experience hunger, it usually subsides by the 3rd or 4th day.  Stay on the journey, have an extra shake if needed – the rewards are worth it!!!

If you have an very active job you simply can add a little additional flex food (stay within the categories) or an additional Powershake to keep your energy up.​

Question:  How much water should I drink on the 10 Day Transformation?

Answer:  Water will help move toxins and waste out of the body.  Most people spend their lives dehydrated.  Recommended that you consume at least 50% of your body weight in ounces per day (75% if possible).  Your shakes do not count toward water consumption.

Overall, room temperature water is easier to digest whereas cold water often “tastes” better – this is why you are instructed to have room temperature water with the Super Amino 23 but cold water with the Power Shake. Dave also recommends room temperature in morning with the Super Amino 23 to help flush the kidneys.

This issue is one of the main reasons why Flex Foods are important and why we offer them…for example, the fat in the avocado and/or the fibers in the apple when combined with the proper water intake will create an excellent lubricating and absorbing mechanism which will greatly assist in maintaining bowel motility at this time of reduced food intake.

If you are prone to constipation we suggest using a stool softener ( Smooth Move Tea or Calm) or salt flush to open up the detoxification pathways (see below the “Salt / Cherry Flush”).

Another great technique is a stomach exercise recommended by Staff Naturopath Michael Wohlfeld:

  • Stand up straight then bend straight over and rest hands on thighs.
  • Take a few deep breaths, and then exhale all air.
  • Now pull in the stomach and try to have it touch the diaphragm.
  • Now push back all the way out and repeat this 2-10 times or as many as you can without taking a breath.
  • Repeat this exercise 5-10 times and this really massages the intestines increasing mobility.

Salt / Cherry Flush (Optional) If you are not eliminating regularly on your own during the fast, every other day you can flush your bowels of accumulated waste and toxins by doing the following.

  • Wake up 1 hour early to allow time to complete the flush
  • Mix 1 qt. of warm water with 2 tsp of Himalayan sea salt (or other non-iodized natural salt)
  • In a separate glass, mix 4 tbsp. of Apothe-Cherry with 12 oz. cold water
  • Drink the salt water (from step 2).
  • Immediately lie down on your left side for 20 minutes, keep Apothe-Cherry drink in reach
  • Drink the Apothe-Cherry
  • Resume lying on left side for 20 additional minutes
  • Sit on toilet with feet elevated several inches off the ground. You can use a couple of thick books, small stool, trashcan or a Welles Step.
  • You should “empty out” in a few minutes.

Reminder: DO NOT pass gas unless sitting on the toilet. Results may vary on the initial salt cherry flush. Try again the next day if you are not successful the first time.

Always Safety First!

The protocols that we promote, which include introducing nutrients to the body every two hours as well as allowing for flex foods in the event of cravings or perceived need or to aid in elimination, actually work very well within the body’s most natural rhythm.

If you have any significant health issue or are taking any type of drug, prescribed or over the counter, you MUST talk to your doctor and you may also contact our Staff Naturopath, Michael Wohlfeld, via PuriumNaturopath@gmail.com to discuss this BEFORE starting the Transformation or Cleanse Programs.

Question:  Can I exercise while on the 10 Day Transformation?

Answer:  After day 3 most people do have enough energy to exercise, if you find that you don’t then we recommend decreasing the level of exercise as opposed to not exercising at all. 600 calories will not support heavy workouts. Best to only do light exercise (depending on how you feel) during the 10 days. Jumping on a mini-trampoline along with other light movements, while deep breathing, is a great way to flush out the lymphatic system.

Exercise is a form of stress and stress is stress. Too much exercise is too stressful and very counterproductive; strenuous exertion should be avoided at this time. To ensure best results we suggest cutting down to 15 minutes per day on days 1 – 4 and then increasing to 30 minutes per day for days 5 – 10.  Exercise is considered a stress event and causes the adrenals to pump cortisol which is part of a fight and flight response… the body does not release in this mode.  Give your body a break for 10 days if you can.

If your job is one with a lot of physical activity or mental stress, you should add extra Flex items every day and perhaps even another shake if needed or more Master Aminos.

Flex Foods/Beverages and Lifestyle Meals are a way to control your intake, retrain your hunger cravings and fuel your body with optimal nutrients while following any of the Transformation schedule options.

A good way to understand the differences are to think of Flex Foods/Beverages as snacks and Lifestyle Meals as, well…meals!

Flex Foods/Beverages are organic, super fruits and vegetables that provide you with flavorful taste, a chewing sensation, and the overall experience of eating. They transform stress eating from a negative to a positive by replacing comforting or familiar unhealthy food choices with organic super fruits and vegetables.

Lifestyle Meals are the meals you choose to compliment your Purium program. These are based on your ideal healthy lifestyle. They can be plant-based, high-protein or any dietary type that you prefer. For extra inspiration, join Purium’s Recipe Group on Facebook.

Flex Foods will naturally become your go-to snacks! You can even use organic tropic oil, fresh squeezed lemon, Himalayan sea salt, raw honey, or fresh herbs and spices, for extra flavor.

Ideal Flex Foods:

1 Avocado
1 Apple (Eating apples first thing in the morning can help wake you up.)
1 cup Watermelon
1 cup of Mushrooms
Unlimited! Celery
Unlimited! Cucumbers
1 cup Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale or Spinach
1 cup Berries
1 cup Sauerkraut or kimchi (no additives)
1 cup Summer squash (winter squash not permitted)
1/2 cup carrots
Hemp, almond, coconut, cashew or oat milk -Unsweetened
Organic vegetable broth
Decaffeinated herbal tea
Coconut water
Purium green drinks: Organic Kamut Blend, Organic
Green Spectrum, Organic Barley Green Juice, Organic
Spirulina, Chlorella
Accelerated 30-Day Schedule Suggestions

Consume 3 servings of a Flex Food or Flex Beverage per day.

During the 10-Day Immersion, some people prefer eating a serving every time they take their Super Amino 23. Others prefer drinking a serving of non-dairy milk with their Power Shake.

If you decide to combine Flex Foods to have a more meal-like experience, keep the total serving to one cup. Example: sautée 1/2 cup squash with 1/2 cup of kale in garlic and coconut oil.

Keep in mind, the purpose of any plan is to create healthier habits, so listen to your body. If you feel like you need more nutrients, definitely indulge in an extra serving — it’s better than relapsing into a tub of ice cream!

You’ve got this!

FAQ’s For Accelerated Schedule Option

What foods are NOT permitted – if you want to be very strict?

  • Bananas
  • Oranges
  • Pineapple
  • Guava
  • Tomatoes
  • Grapes
  • Beans
  • Corn
  • Pumpkin
  • Peas
  • Winter squash
  • Onions
  • Yams
  • Potatoes (white/red/sweet)
  • All Dairy
  • Meats of any kind
  • Coffee

Why aren’t bananas or starchy vegetables advised?

Bananas are not conducive to weight loss. Bananas can cause constipation for some people while on the cleanse. They can also turn into a carbohydrate and become sticky, which is not great for a cleanse. Though, bananas in the morning are pretty good when you’re not on a Cleanse. When they are ripe and in season, they can be good for you; however, when under ripe or outside of season they, are not as beneficial.

Can I have more than 1 Flex Food at a time during the 10-Day Immersion?

If you feel like you need more nutrients, definitely indulge in an extra serving.

You can even combine multiple Flex Foods together to create one dish. Depending on how much you use of each Flex Food, it may make up more than 1 serving. For instance, you can make a “salad” with 1/2 cup of spinach, 1/2 avocado and a chopped cucumber (with lemon or vinegar, salt, pepper, or herbs) – but this will be 2 Flex Food servings for one dish.

At the end of the day, the Flex Foods should be your best friends. While 3 servings are the baseline, this is YOUR cleanse and you are in control. If you find the 10-Day Acceleration too challenging, you may want to try Schedule #1 (from the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation) that isn’t as strict.

Can I use balsamic vinaigrette or olive oil on my flex food?

While we encourage you to only stick to our Tropic Oil (ie., Coconut Oil), we also believe in modifications. If you do opt to go this route, use a very light amount of virgin, raw organic olive oil. Vinegar may also help you feel full and suppress appetite. ALSO – have you ever tried a little bit of Apothe-Cherry as dressing? If not, you are missing out on delicious nutrition!

Does the water in the Power Shake count towards my water needs that day?

No, every day, the schedule encourages you to drink half your body weight in ounces of just water. 20 oz of water per Powershake is the recommendation for the feeling optimal fullness. You may reduce water level in your Power Shake for taste preference.

The only exception is bananas; they are not advised. As long as it is a fruit or veggie of a reasonable portion size, then substituting flex foods should be a fairly simple process. Too many people try to use flex foods as an excuse to vary from the core purpose of the diet, which is to re-train our cravings toward healthy options – this is not advised. As closely as you can follow this plan, the better! Additional low-calorie Purium products are allowed (such as a tablespoon of Organic Tropic Oil to satisfy a fat craving, a serving of Aloe Vera added to the Apothe-Cherry, extra greens added to the Power Shake, etc). Remember that you can have as much celery or cucumbers as you want. (Cucumbers are great with cayenne pepper and sea salt.) When having a flex food, we suggest that you chew it very, very thoroughly. The idea is to give your digestive system a break so that your body can focus the energy it usually expends digesting on eliminating toxins from the body.​

You can have as much celery & cucumbers as one wants as they do not really have many calories. You may also add cayenne pepper and/or sea salt to the cucumbers, if you desire.​

Alcohol and Caffeine:  The Transformation is designed to help you break harmful addictions to substances such as these.  Do not use them while on the 10 Day Transformation. *With the exception of Purium’s Can’t Beet This, it is allowed during the 10-Day Transformation.​

Gum:  Not advised, actually stimulates digestive tract and might make you hungrier. You would be basically making it harder on yourself!​

Approved Flex Foods (short list, see your Lifestyle Guide for full list)

  • 1 organic apple
  • 1 small avocado (or 1⁄2 a large avocado)
  • 1 cup watermelon
  • 1 cup organic berries
  • Organic celery (unlimited)
  • Organic cucumber slices (unlimited) with fresh squeezed lemon juice, cayenne pepper & Himalayan sea salt
  • 1⁄2 cup organic summer squash, spinach, broccoli or kale sautéed in Purium’s Organic Tropic oil (coconut oil), fresh garlic and sea salt
  • 1 cup of high quality fermented vegan foods like sauerkraut or kimchi

Approved Flex Beverages

  • Any Purium“green drink” (More Greens, Green Spectrum, etc.)
  • 8 oz unsweetened almond, hemp, coconut or oat milk
  • Kombucha
  • 8 oz unsweetened, decaffeinated herbal tea
  • Organic vegetable broth
  • Hot water with fresh lemon, raw honey and organic cinnamon

Drink more water, broth and fresh juices and eat fresh, raw fruit and veggies, dark leafy green salads and high quality, high fiber meals, prior to starting.

Stay hydrated. Be sure to drink more than half your body weight in ounces per day, as well as any time you feel thirsty or hungry.

Eliminate temptations remove cookies, cakes, chips, and other treats from your cupboards.

Binge eat, drink or consume a large meal the day before starting as this will result in discomfort.

Over exercise. Exercise is a form of stress and stress is stress. Too much exercise is counterproductive; strenuous exertion should be avoided at this time.

Schedule your transformation during a stressful or hectic time.

Question:  I have had great success on the 10 Day now what?

Answer:  Well, the answer is a 20 day Continuation/Rotation Program that uses a “one day on” and “one day off” psychology that retrains your body to crave healthy nutritious foods and allows you to continue using the Purium Products you now L.O.V.E.

[After the Transformation]

  • Do consider continuing with Purium “packs” and/or other transformation options
  • Do not rush back into eating heavy foods. Ease back into foods slowly; consider adding Advanced Probiotic Blend or Biome Medic into your diet, if you have not already, to keep your digestive tract on track.
  • Do continue to take a daily green drink, such as the Power Shake to help your body’s natural systems run smoothly. Great way to start the day!
  • Do continue to drink Apothe-Cherry to get antioxidants of 10 servings of fruits/veggies and to help facilitate deep, rejuvenating sleep. Great way to end the day!

If you have any questions or need help please call, text, or email your Purium Health Advocate for support.

Check out the heart-felt testimonials

from members within our Purium family!

10 lbs lost, muscle mass maintained and a Personal Record Half Marathon 3 days later

I recently completed the 10 Day Transformation and I am extremely happy I decided to do so. I was a bit hesitant to do something like this with the race season approaching quickly, but I trusted in Leslie’s recommendation. The process itself was not easy as there were times when I felt hungry, but I really felt like it cleaned out my system and set me up to have a much easier time eating the right foods moving forward. I didn’t decide to do this to lose weight, but I ended up losing just about 10 pounds! I also did a half marathon just a few days after I finished and PR’d! It was extremely beneficial having Leslie right there to assist throughout the process. She answered all my questions and checked in regularly which really helped. I highly recommend this transformation to adult athletes of all ages and abilities. You will be very happy with the results. Thanks again Leslie! 🙂

— Colin Cook

11.2 lbs lost and 2% body fat reduction

I recently did the 10 day athlete transformation and I’m so glad that I did. I race triathlons… mostly long distance races (half ironman and full ironman) and after a long cold tough winter for training I wanted and needed to “reset” my habits and get back to some discipline and clean eating which was much needed for an upcoming race season. I was very hesitant wondering if it would have a negative impact on my workouts, however I found that my workouts were not compromised at all. It was a great program… got me reset and was very easy to follow. I was never hungry and all workouts were fueled. I am feeling great and the bonus is in 10 days I lost 11.2 lbs and down 2% less body fat. I will definitely continue with the clean eating and the xanthin and plan to repeat this 10 day athlete transformation later in the race season as well. Thank you Leslie for all your help and support! This was SO worth it and I would encourage anyone who is looking for a positive impact on eating and training to give this a try.” (18 hours a week during 10 Day AT)

— Gina Whipple

Turning 50 – yes it can be that life begins at 50!

One year ago I made a decision to no longer complain about feeling sick, tired and achy and starting to talk about my age. It was time for a change! I changed my lifestyle, nutrition, created my goals and a commitment to my family and most importantly myself. I owed this to myself and to my family to be in the best health possible and to be an example for my kids.
A few months ago I was introduced to Purium Health Products, these Live, Raw, Organic Green Superfoods have taken my health and fitness to a whole new level! I am forever grateful for the products David Sandoval and Purium provides to my family and countless others. I am also fortunate enough to be in a position to help others achieve these same health goals through health coaching and sharing Purium Health Products! Today Carmen and I completed our 10 Day Athletes Transformation. 50 is the new whatever age you want it to be!

— Peter Burke

Nutritionally depleted no more…

My journey with Purium Health Products has changed my life. I was leading a “healthy” life as most people say these days. However, I now know on a cellular level I was depleted nutritionally. The 10 day transformation propelled me into a way to eat based on intuition. I had an amazing experience and believe everyone can truly find a way to eat that creates harmony with their body, mind and spirit.

— Sydney Pafford

4 lbs lost, 7% increase in hydration, body fat decreased, increased energy

I tried the Purium Athlete challenge with no big expectations except feeling better physically. After the first few days I felt great and did not find it as challenging. It cut the cravings and gave me more energy. After the challenge I went to see my Nutritionist and she did my yearly BIA and said this is the best she has ever seen in me in over 8 years. My water went up from 48 to 55, Body fat down and gained muscle. I was thrilled and still do this 2 days on and 3 off based on my training and I was still able to exercise by just adding calories. IN the end I feel great eat better and have more energy.

— Kristin Mara

My body is balancing from some serious health challenges and now looking forward to rocking my 50’s

I had hashimoto’s disease, an auto-immune disorder of the thyroid from age 25-37 roughly, and I have always struggled to detoxify – I have a very sluggish digestive system (depsite being dairy and gluten free for nealry 20 years), i easily tend towards constipation and even though i had a good diet I was actaully diagnosed as being malnourished when I was sick with ‘hashi’s’ and still eating dairy and gluten. Consequently I have long believed I need super nutrition, I just need to super boost myself with the good stuff, and I know I need to detox as well. BUt every time I tried to do a cleanse (and I’ve tried everything from the Master Cleanse to over the counter package cleanses) I ended up constipated and feeling awful – for months!. They were just too harsh for my system and they robbed me of the GOOD stuff as well as the bad and I needed that super nutrition.

When I heard about Purium’s 10 Day Transformation I was excited by the anabolic nature of it and the nutrient density and so I gave it a go. WOW. The first few days were tough for me I have to say, I hadn’t done a good pre-cleanse, and honestly i think my system was VERY toxic from so many years being ill and eating dairy and gluten which I didn’t know I couldn’t handle. But I pushed through and it got better and better. I never once felt hungry, I missed food for sure, I missed cooking and the entertainment factor of “what’s for dinner tonight” – but I found that to be part of the cleanse for me – noticing what i used food for, how much it’s entertainment for me was really interesting. I didn’t have much weight to lose but I lost about 5 lbs, I lost a good few inches from my butt (yay) and my belly and I toned up alot! I couldn’t believe how toned and firm i felt, I was lighter and brighter and cravings had gone away.

But the best part has been adding these products in to my life on a daily basis. I continue to take the Super Aminos, the Apothe-cherry and at least one Purium green drink a day (i have lots of different green drinks from purium and I just mix n match depending on my mood). Within a few months i hit a whole other gear, a whole new level of energy and vibrancy. I wasn’t sluggish, I wasn’t cloudy, my knees are not achy, I am busier than ever but no longer afraid I’m going to ‘crash’. I think I just continued to detox, gently every day, and I was finally getting that super nutrition I needed, and this is the part that astounds me, because I eat a really good diet, but clearly the nutrients are just not in our food any more, we really do need to eat more in order to get enough. Purium has given me the cheapest most convenient, doesn’t-go-off-in-my-fridge-way to eat more good food. After a year using these products my Doctor asked me to reduce my thyroid medication and for the 1st time in 20 years I have successfully been able to do so! I consider myself 100% healthy for the 1st time since I was a kid and at 49 that’s a pretty great place to be! 🙂 I plan on rocking the pants off my 50’s with Purium!

— Susan Vallelunga

9 lbs lost, improved sleep, kicked bad habits

I am a 42 year old new Triathlete, but long time runner. My diet was all over the place, trying to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, but sometimes getting off on the wrong track with to much coffee, diet soda and sweets. When Leslie approached me about the Transformation I decided what did I have to lose? The results were pretty amazing in that I lost 9 pounds and inches from my chest and hips. It also helped me kick my habit to diet soda which I have stuck to in the 6 weeks since the end of my transformation. I still drink the L.O.V. shake every morning, sometimes adding blueberries and spinach and I still love it. I take the Aminos before I work out and drink the Apothecary Cherry every night. I can’t tell you how much better I sleep. It truly is a transformation.

— Rene Whiteley

From our family to yours…

cheers to a successful Transformation Journey!