Question:  Will you be hungry on the 10 Day Transformation?

Answer:  Remember the 10 Day Transformation is designed to break your habits, patterns and rituals around food.  We have become highly addicted to sugar, carbs,  and processed foods.  Many people report not feeling hungry at all.  It can be a common experience to have some hunger the first couple days as your body starts to adjust… please keep in mind that we are reducing the calorie intake however,  we are significantly increasing the nutrient intake which is what we need to thrive.  As your body goes through the adjustment you may experience hunger, it usually subsides by the 3rd or 4th day.  Stay on the journey, have an extra shake if needed – the rewards are worth it!!!

If you have an very active job you simply can add a little additional flex food (stay within the categories) or an additional Powershake to keep your energy up.​