———especially during this concerning time in our world———

If you are a pregnant or nursing mother and wonder whether Vir-U-Sure or Immuno-Max may be okay for you to take during this time — the answer is, unfortunately, no. Immuno-Max is specifically and powerfully modulating to the bodies resources, redirecting them away from reproductive concerns and specifically to survival. And, Neem, a key ingredient in Vir-U-Sure was traditionally used in natural birth control. Meaning it is not a safe ingredient for pregnant women.


If you are wondering how to support your immune function, to protect yourself and your unborn or a newly born child, during these potentially troubling times, this is what Dave Sandoval, owner of Purium Health Products, recommends:

Green Spectrum (original or lemon): with spirulina, chlorella, and green super plants of all kinds, these ingredients can protect and defend your body by supporting healthy immune function by oxygenating, alkalizing, and detoxifying the upper respiratory system.

C from Nature (vitamin c from whole foods and does not contain ascorbic acid): this vital nutrient source is as important now as ever. The vitamin C in C from Nature is organically and whole food sourced.

Biome Medic: because over 70% of our immune response begins in our gut.

Apothecherry: because over 1/2 of our immune response is triggered during deep sleep. Cherries contain natural melatonin, which promotes healthy sleep.

Super Xanthin: because one of the most important things to control is our bodies inflammatory responses. This product is best used in combination with the Biome Medic.