Welcome! It is my hope that this page provides a glimpse into what prepping is, what the goals of prepping are, and other important elements related to survival. The ultimate focus for this page is that of nutrition and keeping your body at the top of its game. Holistic wellness should be the ultimate goal for preppers, survivalists, and anyone who has a goal of being self-sufficient, permanently or temporarily.

What is “Prepping?”

Preppers (often used interchangeably with survivalists) are people who work to have everything he/she needs to be independent and ready for just about any crisis that may lock down or dramatically change their situation, city, state, or country. Some people “prep” for short-term disasters such as a tornado, major snow storm, or hurricane. Others “prep” for the possibility of a long-term disaster situation, such as a depression (collapse of their economy) or, as many of us have experienced, a healthcare crisis like COVID-19.

What is the Goal of “Prepping?”

The purpose of prepping is to have all of the supplies necessary to remain in one’s home, or on one’s land, and to not have to go out into the public. The level of supplies and length of time preparing varies from person to person. However, the one thing most have in common is that they do not want to have to leave their home once something happens. Think about how many times you have to run out to get something, or have something delivered, or receive a package. Most preppers/survivalists do not want to take part in any of those activities. To reach this goal requires a tremendous amount of planning, organization, and survival knowledge. If something happened today, would you be ready?

Why Does Food Matter?

This is an area where I feel some may not prepare as well as they should. If the goal is to be self reliant, then this would include keeping our bodies as healthy as possible. This is why, yes, food matters. Think about this… if you did not drink water for 4 straight days, would you survive? No, probably not. If you did not eat for several days, would you feel good? No. Would your body begin to deteriorate? Yes, of course. Why? Because what we put into our bodies is how our bodies thrive, how they survive, and what determines how healthy your immune function will be. If you ate nothing but high sugar, high carb foods, do you think you would function at the top of your game? No, your body would not function optimally and your energy would be sluggish. So, yes, food matters. You need to ensure you have live, raw foods at your disposal–foods that are full of their intended nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Some of the categories you should consider are low-sugar fruits, green and colorful vegetables, nutritional proteins, purposeful carbs, and healthy fats.

Long-Shelf Life

This is where Purium Health Products can help. Most products, including their ingredients, have a two-year shelf life and are cold-processed in a unique way so that the items used retain their nutrients. These help fulfill the goal of being truly self-sustainable. The following checklist is what I recommend for a well-stocked and optimal food supply: