Sodium Amounts for Purium Products

Purium products that had a zero or no listing for sodium were not included. Only products that stated the milligrams (mg) for sodium are listed below. The milligrams (mg) are per serving (a few products have 2 different serving sizes, those are noted below, as well):

Product Name Sodium (mg)
Aloe Digest 5
Bio Fruit 10
Coco Mint Spirulina 10
Daily Fiber Blend, Caramel Apple 10
Daily Fiber Blend, Original 10
Kamut Blend 10
Green Spectrum, Lemon 20
Green Spectrum, Original 20
More Greens 20
Can’t Beet This! 25 per 2 tsp
LOV Supermeal, Original 25
LOV Supermeal, Vanilla Chai 30
Spirulina, Powder 35
Coco Hydrate, Pineapple 55
Power Shake, Apple Berry 105
Power Shake, Original 90
MVP Kids, Chocolate 115
MVP Sport, Chocolate 170 per 3.5 Tbsp
MVP Sport, Vanilla 170 per 3.5 Tbsp
Epi-Genius Kids 180