written by: an author who wishes to remain anonymous

HB 19-1312, a bill to make medical vaccine exemptions more difficult, passed the Colorado House Health & Insurance Committee around 4 am on 4/16/19.

Rumor has it:

While mothers and fathers of vaccine injured children were forced to wait in the VERY hot, crowded hall for over an hour, just to get into the hearing, (575 people signed up to testify on this bill that was scheduled for 1:30, didn’t start until 2:30 pm), the more elite, privileged people in favor of the bill did not have to stand crammed in a hall for an hour, hoping for a seat in the main hearing room. Why? because apparently there was reserved, preferred seating, awaiting those in favor of the bill.

I am told that those testifying in support of the bill got to come in and take their reserved seats once the Chair of the Committee entered and started the hearing. Is this true? Here’s a picture of the reserved area for supporters.   Is this how Colorado should fairly treat its taxpayers? Colorado General Assembly should have no #bias or discrimination… WHO SAT IN THESE SEATS AND WHY?

Maybe it’s because those testifying in support of the bill were deemed “more important” because they were from BigPharma, vaccine researchers, and doctors.  Or maybe they were also “just parents” supporting the bill, like this group of parents: Colorado Parents for Vaccinated Communities, “an organization of Colorado parents who support pro-science vaccine policy” who just happen to also have BigPharma support.

Either way, to the “non-reserved seating” parents and their children who were mocked, who were accused of being misinformed, and “not having a life”,  who paid for parking, sat for MANY hours to share 2 minutes of their life story; I am embarrassed by your treatment. I am a parent of fully vaccinated children and my heart goes out to each of you. Thank you for your testimony.

It’s also interesting that the LAST person to testify was asked to clear up misinformation from the testimony of these Colorado parents and professionals who testified against the bill.

You can listen to the 4/15/19 bill testimony here (scroll slightly to April 15).  

Testimony of Dr. Jessica Cataldi, from Children’s Hospital whose research focuses on global vaccine health [sub-saharan Africa], begins around the 12hour 19 minute mark.  She mentions Kaiser more than once. It’s too bad she didn’t mention any published, peer-reviewed studies on injury or infant mortality linked to vaccines. Whether you are pro- or anti-vaccine, there is certainly a need to share balanced information. Here are just a few links that Dr. Cataldi could have mentioned:

You can listen to the amendments portion of the HB1312 hearing at the 12 hour 42 minute mark.  See all amendments here and see lost amendments below.  Why, if this bill is not meant to be coercive, or discriminatory, were these amendments killed?  Federal law says vaccines must come with proper warning and product information  –yet an amendment asking for this was killed.  Curious?

Failed amendments to HB1312:

Also interesting is how often Rep Mullica stepped out, reportedly disappearing for sometimes 20 minutes at a time; during parent testimony, he’s seen in the hall apparently consulting with lobbyists like Sundari Kraft https://twitter.com/sundarikraft.

Gee, Sundari Kraft has some interesting clients: some of them are the SAME as the ones supporting the pro-vaccine parent group. In fact, Sundari Kraft is listed as Colorado Parents for Vaccinated Communities’  client.  Huh, how did they afford that?

Colorado Secretary of State Lobbyist ID

20145030896 Sundari Kraft (Ascent Strategies, LLC)

20145030896 Sundari Kraft (Ascent Strategies, LLC)  

20145030896 Sundari Kraft (Ascent Strategies, LLC)  


It’s not about parents, children, and taxpayers. It’s about power and control:  who has it and who doesn’t. Shame on Colorado.